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You never know what you might bump into on a day in Year 8 at St. Louis! however, the Science Department at the school decided to bring a bit of nature into the classrooms.

Focusing on the Year 8 students excitement grew as word spread about the unusual creatures that would soon be on display at St. Louis. It would be a fantastic opportunity for Year 8 students to come face to face with some amazing and exotic creatures.

Facilitated by Jurassic Ark Encounters NI, who literally brought their mobile zoo to the school, students were offered a truly wild and larger than life educational experience. Year 8 students are currently studying animal classification in lessons, so they really couldn’t wait to for the opportunity to handle the 18 foot reticulated python Pandora, and Bertha a green tree python.

Students enjoyed hearing all the educational facts about the animals presented by Jonny Thompson, amazing facts that reinforced their learning and brought classification and the world of vertebrates and invertebrates to life. Many students also got up close and personal with Paschal the chameleon, Raphael the giant tortoise, and a monitor lizard called Thor to name but a few.

The Science Department at St. Louis offered a huge thank you to Jurassic Ark NI for providing our pupils with such a wealth of knowledge and sharing an experience of these incredible animals that will last in the memory of these young minds for many years to come.

Nature Comes to St. Louis

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